Air conditioner Myrtle BeachWe have been fortunate to be experiencing a relatively cool spring but the dog days of summer are just around the corner and when they arrive we will be cranking up our air conditioner to cool the hot Myrtle Beach summer days.  Like anything else, things can go wrong and our air conditioner may be in need of repair.  Did you know there are things that you can actually fix yourself with a minimum amount of instruction?  For example, your air conditioner may be not be cooling your Myrtle Beach home even when the unit appears to be running fine.  A little bit of cleaning up the unit may do the trick.  Pull out your owner’s manual and follow the directions for cleaning your unit.  Can’t find your owner’s manual? You can request one online from the manufacturer.

Precautions When Repairing Your Air Conditioner Yourself

You want to use proper precautions when you decide to take on the repairs yourself.  Make sure that you cut off the power flow to the unit, in most instances the air conditioner will have a shut off panel for this purpose.  If you can’t find a shut off value, you will want to turn off the electricity to the entire house at the fuse box.  Make sure that you take the time to rake away any debris from the heat pump condenser that is located outside of your home.

Steps to Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

  1. Air Conditioner Condenser – First you will want to remove the grill cover that is over the condenser.   Take a mild brush or a soft cloth and clean the blades with a mild detergent.  Be careful that you don’t damage the blades in anyway.
  2. Once you have cleaned the blades, you will want to make sure that you dry them with a clean soft cloth.
  3. Remove the screws and carefully take off the grill cover. The fans are attached to the grill cover and you don’t want to pull lose any wires.  Cover the motor with waterproof material and using your garden hose, you will want to hose down the fins.  Take the spray nasal off your garden hose if you have one attached.
  4. While you have the cover off, you will want to lubricate the motor.
  5. Put all the parts back into their right place and you are finished with your cleanup of your air conditioner.

You are ready to turn the power back on and test the air conditioner by letting it run for a period of time to see if the cleaning resolved the problem.  One way to ensure your unit is working correctly is to place your hands in the pipes that are connected to the condenser – you should see two of them.  If one of the pipes is cool and the other is warm, your unit is working correctly.  If this is not the case, you will want to call a air conditioner professional repair company.

Steps If Your Air Conditioner Does Not Start Automatically

  • Make sure that your thermostat is on cool and that it is set below the current room temperature
  • Check to make sure you don’t have a tripped breaker in the main electrical panel
  • Check to ensure that the power switch on the condenser outside of your home is turned on
  • Make sure that the 240-volt next to the outside compressor is not disconnected or turned off

These steps are not complicated and can be followed at any time you are having a problem with your air conditioner.  A clean air conditioner will also help to lower your electric bill since your unit won’t be working as hard to cool down your Myrtle Beach home.

You may not want to take the time to do the repairs or cleaning yourself or you may have a problem that requires more expertise.  In these instances you will want to call an air conditioning professional.

Grand Strand Heating And Cooling has been serving the Myrtle Beach area for several years.  Our technicians are familiar with many types of air conditioners and heat pump units.

Call us today for an analysis of your air conditioner before the dog days of summer are here.  Ask us about other tips that save money on your electric bill this summer with your air conditioner.

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