HVACDuring these cold months is when you need your HVAC in tip-top shape. Having your furnace break down or give up on you, when you needed it the most, is not only devastating and stressful but also costly and a cause of the delay. It would be extremely difficult to find a legit and highly skilled local service contractor at this time of year to assist you with your problems. And if you’ve already got one, they often have a busy schedule that they wouldn’t be able to get to you in weeks, which really wouldn’t work for you.

So before you try and call an HVAC service contractor, consider these quick and easy troubleshooting tips first.

  • Check your thermostat

As simple as this may sound, you’ll be surprised how many homeowners call service contractors for emergency repair when their only problem is that they failed to adjust their thermostat at the right temperature setting. Check whether yours is at the right setting and adjust as you see fit. Do this regularly especially after cleaning as the thermostat could easily get moved when dusting.

  • Clean or replace your filter

According to HVAC experts, sometimes the problems you are having with your furnace could easily be fixed by cleaning or replacing your filters. If you have non-disposable filters, make sure you’ve cleaned them completely before putting them back. If you have disposable filters, have extras at home that will last you for several months so you won’t have to brave the cold and rush to the nearest home depot to purchase a filter.

  • Replace your thermostat’s batteries

If your thermostat is run by batteries instead of being wired to your home’s electrical system, you should remember to replace the batteries when the sign is flashing on your thermostat. But if you missed the warning sign and your thermostat suddenly shut down, check the batteries first before calling for a professional HVAC service provider.

  • Find out if your furnace is receiving electricity

Another common reason for your furnace problems is that it’s not receiving sufficient electricity to function. To find out and confirm, turn ON your fan. Often, it is set to Auto, which means it will switch on when the equipment is turned on. Switch it ON and see if it will function. If it does then you can tell your furnace receives sufficient electricity. Otherwise, you’ll need to call in your local electrician for assistance in ensuring your furnace receives electricity.

  • Reset your circuit breaker

Sometimes, your furnace just needs a reset. To do this, go to your breaker panel and find the circuit for your furnace. Switch it off and then back on to reset the electrical connection and, thus, your furnace as well.

Be sure you work only with licensed and highly skilled HVAC professionals for all your furnace problems.


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