HVACAlthough unknown to many, some of the best Christmas presents come in the form of CO and smoke detectors, surge protectors, air cleaners, and even fire extinguishers. Whether it is for yourself or someone else, why don’t you consider giving the gift of lower energy bills for this holiday season? As we go about the holiday bustle, always remember that there are ways for you to save on your energy bills and recoup a good portion of your holiday expenses like regularly checking your HVAC filters.

Go For LEDs

Light-emitting diode or LED lights, as well as holiday lights, are known to be more long lasting and energy efficient compared to their traditional counterpart, the incandescent lights. Take for example the standard C-7. If you have 125 bulbs with 4 watts each, you will have to pay about $25 assuming that the electricity price is at 10.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. Meanwhile, 300 bulbs of mini incandescent lights with 0.4 watts each will amount to $6.03 while 280 bulbs of LED holiday lights with 0.04 watts each will only cost you $0.56. Can you see a huge difference?

Be Energy Efficient When Cooking

You will find lots of kitchen and cooking tips that you can follow if you wish to cut back on your energy bills and food costs. A few of the most effective energy-saving tips are provided below.

–    Never use your oven to heat the home. It is not only less energy efficient compared to your space heater or furnace, it also runs the risk of causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

–    Stop yourself from opening the oven just because you want to take a peek at what’s cooking. Check your food by simply looking through the clear oven door or window. Keep in mind that each time you open the oven door, you will decrease the temperature inside by around 25 degrees, which in return makes the cooking time longer, not to mention the wasted energy.

–    Before you start cooking, be sure that your stovetop and oven are clean. Dirty ones are less energy efficient compared to a clean surface and that means higher energy expenses.

–    Opt for flat-bottom pans and pots rather than warped ones. Going with this option will help enhance heat conductivity and improve the energy efficiency of your stovetop.

–    You should also clean up the refrigerator’s coils. But be sure to unplug it first and make sure that the temperature inside the fridge is between 35 and 38 degrees.

–    Turn down your thermostat when hosting and cooking.

Purchase Energy Efficient Gifts

Whether or not it is for your own household or another one, giving out energy-efficient products as Christmas gifts is a good idea. If you are buying electronic devices, for example, don’t forget to choose one that has the energy star label. A few energy efficient gifts that you might want to consider include rechargeable charger and batteries as well as LED and CFL lights. Other wonderful gifts include helping someone install insulation, or perhaps insulate pipes as well as water heaters. These are quite simple to do but they need effort and time. Turn on a Christmas music and begin your work. Once this is done, the person you helped will remember you whenever they receive their energy bill.

Arrange For A Professional HVAC Maintenance

Another wonderful gift that you can get yourself or someone else is to schedule a professional HVAC Myrtle Beach maintenance. Seeking out the help of an expert will make sure that your HVAC warranties remain valid.

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