Heat pumps Myrtle BeachAn increasing number of homeowners are looking for efficient heat pump maintenance tips to help them get through the winter. Before we provide you with some tips, let us first discuss the basics of heat pumps.

Heat pumps works by moving heat rather than generating heat inside your home, which becomes more energy efficient. The pump will extract the heat outside and transfer it inside whenever your home becomes cold. This equipment can offer equivalent space conditioning for a much cheaper price compared to what you have to pay if you use the traditional heating appliance. However, if the air outside falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat pump will find it difficult to get heat from the already cold air. To make sure that your heat pump works efficiently, here are some tips that you should consider.

Keep Them Protected

Make sure that the outdoor unit, its sides, top, and bottom, is protected from snow, ice, and debris.

Remove The Buildup

You also need to be proactive when it comes to taking care of the heat pumps. Be sure to regularly check the outdoor heat pump especially during winter months. Look for signs of excessive buildup of snow or ice especially after a bad weather.

Get Rid Of Ice Or Snow

If you see that your Myrtle Beach heat pumps are covered with snow or ice, you have to remove them for the units to function efficiently and correctly. You can melt the snow or ice by pouring warm water or cold water from the hose.

Be Careful When Cleaning

If you are trying to knock off the ice from heat pump’s coils, avoid using sharp objects. If you do, it may lead to personal injury or severe damage to the unit. When the heat pumps are clear of ice and snow, don’t forget to turn them back to normal heating. Don’t hesitate to call for professional assistance if you notice ice or snow building up again.

Keep It Away From Gutters

You also need to make sure that your heat pumps are position far from a leaking gutter. During the winter season, water is going to drip on top of the heat pump and eventually freeze. Once this happens, the air flow is restricted and the whole unit will freeze up, which is why the unit should be placed far from the gutter.

Keep It Elevated

You also need to make sure that your heat pumps are placed at least 4 inches above the ground to make sure that coils will be protected from snow and ice. This also guarantees proper drainage.

If your system is damaged to a point that can no longer be fixed by these simple tips, be sure to get in touch with a professional.

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