Keeping your house cool shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of your HVAC system. There are things you can do to help keep your house cool throughout summer. Not only will this help lower your utility bills but it also helps with HVAC maintenance in an efficiently working condition.

Follow these tips and help your HVAC system keep your house cool and comfortable.

 Keep sunlight outside your house

Although natural light help make a room lighter and feel bigger, too much sunlight inside the house raises the temperature making it more difficult for air conditioning system to cool the air inside. You can prevent too much sunlight from getting inside your house by using light-colored drapes as these effectively reflect sunlight.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends installing awnings on your windows especially those facing south and west as these are where most sunlight comes from. You can also opt to install shutters. Aside from blocking too much sun, these also provide your house with added security and protection.

Cross-ventilate your house

When the air outside is cooler than inside your house, do not only stay outside to enjoy the cool atmosphere. Invite the cool air inside your house cool by opening windows and doors. This effectively lowers the temperature of everything inside including those that easily absorbs heat such as your walls, furniture, and floors. For maximum effect, open windows on the opposite sides of your house.

Turn off appliances not being used

Appliances that are still plugged in but are not being used produces heat that helps to raise the temperature inside your house. If there are lots of appliances that you need to unplug, make it easier by connecting them to a single power strip. Your HVAC system already has lots of obstacles to face in lowering the temperature inside your house. Make it a little easy for your furnace by reducing heat inside the house.

Limit your use of appliances that produce heat and steam

These include your gas range, ovens, stove, washer, and dryer. Try not to use them during the hotter part of the day so as not to add to the already high temperature inside your house. If you need to dry your clothes, hang them on a line outside. You’ll be surprised at how much faster they will dry as compared to when you use your dryer.

Plant more trees and vines outside

Trees and vines not only add shade and warm areas outside your house. They also help block sunlight on your windows. Plant them by your west-facing walls as this is where the sun shines the strongest. Remember to choose plants that are native to your area to make it easy for you to take care of them. Plus, these plants have higher chances of survival even if you do not fully commit to caring for them.

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