air conditioning Myrtle BeachMyrtle Beach air conditioning filters have gone through a lot of improvements over the past. Today’s filters are more technologically advanced to be able to prevent even the smallest particles that could cause health risks to you and your family.

With the continued rise in various respiratory diseases acquired from home, the need for better and greatly improved HVAC filters increases as well. Indeed, you need to do all the precautions and preventions that you can to better protect your family. And with the wide variety of air conditioning filters available in the market today, you need to learn how to more carefully choose the most suitable filter to use based on you and your family’s needs.

Here are some information on today’s most common filters for your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit.

1. Disposable fiberglass filters – The most common type of filter available in the market today. It is made from 1 inch thick fiberglass that is spun together. This very affordable option is effective in filtering dust, lint, and debris. Highly recommended for renters but if you or any member of your household has asthma or allergies, you might want to consider a different type of filter.

2. Disposable pleated filters – This type of filter is made from polyester or cotton paper and is found to be effective in filtering smaller particles including spores and mites. This is popular for those who are living an environment friendly lifestyle as it could be manufactured from green materials. Although highly affordable, you will have to replace more frequently to prevent clogging your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit.

3. Disposable electrostatic filters – If you have children and pets at home, this is the best choice for you. This filter is made from self-charging electrostatic cotton or paper fibers. So it doesn’t only trap small particles and debris. It actually attracts them; thus, effectively removing them from your airflow and cleaning your indoor air. These are affordable in standard sizes only but you can have it custom made, although with higher costs.

4. Permanent electrostatic filters – This is very much like the disposable ones and is made from the same self-charging electrostatic materials. The only difference is that it is removable and could be machine-washed. You can reuse it for up to 6-8 years.

Protect your family this winter and ensure the air you breathe inside your home is clean and sanitized. Get tips on how to effectively choose the right Myrtle Beach air conditioning filter by calling Grand Strand Heating And Cooling now.

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