HVACOne of the biggest travel season of the year, Christmas, is fast approaching. Apart from packing the things you need to bring, you also need to make sure that your home is protected. While you’re enjoying your vacation together with your loved ones, your home may fall prey to the vulnerabilities of neglect.

Your HVAC system may be the last thing on your mind when you are preparing for your upcoming Christmas vacation. Regardless of how excited you are or how many bags you need to pack, you should never neglect your HVAC unit. This system is essential to us especially if we live in locations that experience extreme weather temperatures. You need to make sure that it is in good condition. Returning to a home with a busted HVAC system could just be the thing that could ruin your vacation. So, before you go, here are some important tips to prepare your HVAC unit.

Install new HVAC filters

It is always a good idea to replace dirty filters. However, this task becomes extremely crucial if you are planning a long hiatus. Keep in mind that air filters that have been clogged up need to work twice as much, which could result in breakdowns if neglected for far too long. A malfunction that happens when you are away from your house is a problem that you cannot spot or repair. It is also the kind of situation that can result in frozen pipes, which is another problem that could lead to costly repairs.

Don’t Turn Off The HVAC

Who doesn’t want to save cash? We all do, right? So, it is only natural to think about shutting down our HVAC for the whole period that you are away. However, contrary to the common belief, this is actually not recommended. To be sure, don’t hesitate to ask an HVAC contractor. You can still save and cut costs without turning off your HVAC system What you can do instead is set the temperature a few degrees lower than you would usually when you are at home.

Modern units have programmable thermostat settings that may include a vacation setting. This allows you to turn up the temperature before you leave so you don’t waste cash on cooling an unoccupied home. These programmable thermostats provide you with the peace of mind while you are on your Christmas vacation or any other escapade either by yourself, with family, or friends.

Have It Checked By The Pro

This item is as important as the other ones on this list. Nothing beats that value of hiring a professional contractor to check your system before you go on your Christmas vacation. An expert tune-up will make sure that your heating and cooling system will run properly while you are away and once you return from your getaway.

Install a Surge Protector

It is also best to add a surge protector to your HVAC Myrtle Beach system. It prevents power surges that run the risk of damaging your HVAC system’s fragile interior components. It works like the surge protector found on your computer and other household electronics. In case the power goes out while you are away, you do not have to worry yourself about a disaster waiting for you to come home.

Call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling if you need your HVAC system checked not only during the holidays but at any time of the year.

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