heating and coolingSo here we are amidst the cold weather season. Winter is here and that means we have to prepare ourselves for an increase in utility costs. The internet and television are filled with countless tips as to how you can save on your electricity bills. However, many of these suggestions will require you to spend some money if you wish to save some afterward. For a lot of people, spending cash on home renovation projects to make your place more energy efficient isn’t just a good idea this year.

But you still have other options. There is no need to spend that much cash to lower your heating and cooling costs. Provided below are some simple tips to help you cut costs on your energy bills without breaking the bank. The following recommendations will cost you from nothing to a few bucks.

Bundle Up!

Obviously, you need to wear the right clothes during the winter season. Running around wearing only shorts and a shirt just do not make sense. We call it winter because it is cold. Therefore, you have to put on a decent sweater, socks, and slippers. Use a comfortable blanket that you can use to cuddle up when you are watching TV, reading a book, or just hanging around with your loved ones or friends. Place throw rugs on your floors.

Keep Unused Windows and Doors Sealed

You should also consider putting plastics on the windows and doors that will not be used during winter. You can find a $5 dollar window kit in a store near you. These kits can help you keep in the heat and get rid of drafts. In case you just don’t want to spend on plastic sheeting or kits, you can try to hang some blankets. It will provide insulation that you badly need during this time of the year.

Turn The Heat Down

You should also turn off the heat if no one is at home and turn down the heat during the evening. All you need to do is adjust the thermostat of your Myrtle Beach heating and cooling system manually free of charge. However, you may also consider spending a few dollars for a programmable thermostat, which will surely be a great investment.

Leave The Oven Door Open

Leave your oven door open after making dinner or baking cookies. Obviously, there will a lots of heat after you use the oven, so why don’t you put it to good use. Let the heat escape so it could help warm up your kitchen and nearby rooms. Doing this means your furnace will be running a bit less.

Fill Cracks In Doors & Windows

If you need to fill the cracks in windows, doors, basement floors and walls, you can use silicone. You might not know this but there is so much heat that is lost through tiny cracks in your home. This project is pretty easy and affordable. But you will surely enjoy the benefits that you will get.

Close Unused Vents

You should also consider closing the vents that go through unused rooms. You can easily lower your energy footprint just by closing the door and vents of a single room.

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