heating and airDue to the way HVAC systems are built, a lot of homeowners tend to overlook the need for regular maintenance. However, it should be stated that in order to improve the lifespan of any kind of heating and air conditioning system, it must be maintained on a regular basis. The typical HVAC system can last anywhere from 15 years to 20 years. On the other hand, your system may only reach the said numbers if you have it professionally maintained at least once a year or whenever needed.

Here are ways on how you could keep your heating and air conditioning in working order:

Pay close attention to the noise

A properly working heating and air Myrtle Beach, SC system produces little to no noise. Once you turn the unit on, you won’t notice any weird sounds being produced. However, if your system has a number of issues, it is likely that it will produce odd noises. Although hearing some unusual noise doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem, it is worth checking out. Be sure to have your local HVAC expert check out your system if you are frequently hearing the same type of noise.

Make sure the filters are changed regularly

HVAC systems move air around the house, heating and cooling it in the process. Due to the continuous cycling of air, the filters will be full of contaminants sooner or later. It is important to clean the air filters or replace them whenever necessary. A clogged air filter can impede airflow. The system will become inefficient when this happens. The good thing is that you can do this by yourself. It is fairly easy to replace air filters in an HVAC system.

Make sure to caulk any drafts

Among the many reasons why your system can cool or heat properly is because of drafts. Leaks can cost you a lot of money in the long run as well. This is the reason why you should call an expert like Grand Strand Heating And Cooling to find and fix all the drafts in your house. Don’t attempt to do this on your own. Drafts are not easily seen. An HVAC contractor might need to use special thermal imaging equipment to be able to pinpoint the drafts and seal them.

Check refrigerant levels regularly

When your system is running low on refrigerant, you may notice that there is a problem with heating and cooling. Your system won’t be as efficient as it should. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to figure out the level of refrigerant in the system. You need to call an expert to check it out and recharge the refrigerant whenever needed.

Schedule regular maintenance

To keep your system in top shape, be sure to schedule regular maintenance. The best way to make sure that your system lasts another ten years or more is to have it regularly inspected.

If you need professional and reliable heating and cooling services, call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling. You may reach us at (843) 491-6400.

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