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Air Conditioning Contractor Myrtle BeachEvery year we receive hundreds of questions from customers who need some assistance with air conditioner maintenance or repairs. We know the importance of remaining cool and feeling comfortable in our hot muggy summers. More and more of our customers work out of their home and when their air conditioning unit isn’t working, their business isn’t running. Here are a few of the questions we are frequently asked:

Is my air conditioning unit cooling properly?

Air conditioning is a system that controls the air movement, filtration, humidity and temperature of your home or office building. Because air conditioning is connected with the dehumidification and cooling of your environment, it is attached to your refrigeration unit. The specific task of the refrigeration equipment is to not only keep your home cool but at the same time lower the humidity. In our neck of the woods, these units are usually centralized units with air ducts that carry the cool air throughout our homes. Individual units can also be used to cool specific areas.

How Does An Air Conditioning Unit Actually Work?

It is a common misconception that air conditioners lower the temperature in your home by bringing in cool air. In actuality, the process is designed to remove warm air from your home and then it cycles the air back a cooler air. This process will continue until the temperature in the room reaches your pre-set thermostat temperature.

Think of your cooling unit as a refrigerator missing it’s insulated box. The process uses the release of a refrigerant as a vapor to provide the desired cooling effect. An air conditioner evaporation cycle is exactly the same as those found in a refrigerator. By using a compressor, the cool refrigerant is compressed causing it to become a high-pressure heated gas. This hot gas then will run through a set of coils which will dissipate the heat and subsequently condenses it into a liquid. The liquid in turn runs through a valve which evaporates and turns into a low pressure cold gas. The cold gas then passes through coils that absorb the heat and cools down your home.

What Components Make Up An Air Conditioning System?

There are three basic elements that compose a central air conditioning system:

  • Outdoor condensing unit
  • The ductwork that is used to transfer the cooled air
  • Indoor air handler

These basic elements will include a fan, compressor, evaporator coils, condenser coils and of course, the refrigerant. Any of these parts can affect the efficient functioning of your air conditioning unit.

An air conditioning unit that is running at its peak will save you money. This means making sure that the filter is changed on a regular basis and the unit is checked periodically. To save money, you may want to consider having your unit checked during the off-peak season such as in the fall or spring. If there are parts that need to be replaced, they may need to be ordered and you won’t be suffering during the heat of the summer while waiting for the unit to be updated.

You will also want to make sure you cleaning out the air ducts prior to turning on the unit for the first time. Many of our customers live outside of the area and visit only part of the year. Inactive units can cause build up of dust in the ducts and you will want to have them cleaned periodically.

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