heat pumpsIt’s scary to think that there’s still a lot that we don’t know about COVID-19. It’s been a year since the pandemic struck the whole world and took everyone by surprise. However, over the last few months, scientists have made some conclusions as to how the virus spreads and how normal, everyday people can safeguard themselves and their families. Recently, experts released data stating that the virus can possibly be transferred through tiny droplets suspended in the air. A person could, theoretically, be infected by the virus just by breathing in the air. This begs the question of whether HVAC filters work against the virus and if your local HVAC contractor can help in winning the fight against the virus.

Can the virus infect people through the HVAC ducts?

While it is theoretically possible, there isn’t enough scientific data to conclude that there is a high probability of airborne viral infection. This basically means that air distribution systems within the household or office spaces are highly unlikely to cause a viral infection. This is due to the safety features built into HVAC systems. Of course, this is given that your heating and air conditioning system is functional and well-maintained. In fact, HVAC systems can improve the quality of air by filtering particles that would otherwise be lingering in midair.

Is it advised to install higher efficiency filters to prevent spreading the virus?

In general, high-efficiency HVAC filters can capture certain particle sizes including viruses. However, COVID-19 is so small that it may pass through the filters. However, all of this is yet to be tested. There are no accurate data at the moment that dictates the efficacy of HVAC air filters against COVID. You should also consult your HVAC Contractor Myrtle Beach regarding the use of high-efficiency HVAC filters since it can restrict airflow. Older or underpowered HVAC systems may struggle when equipped with denser filters. This is why you need to consult a technician prior to having them installed.

Can I use ionizers to kill the virus?

There’s some evidence that indicates ionizers can destroy coronavirus particles. However, the true efficacy of using such systems still needs to be studied further. You can consult your HVAC contractor regarding the addition of ionizers to your air distribution system.

How does humidity impact the virus?

The levels of humidity in the air can effectively eliminate the virus from the air and strengthen the body’s defenses. In fact, research has shown that adding moisture to the air can break down the outer membrane of the virus. This means higher humidity levels can help fend off the virus and effectively clean up the air.

Should my HVAC be sanitized regularly?

While there is no scientific data that indicates sanitizing the HVAC system can rid the entire affected area of the virus, it will definitely have other positive results. Hiring an expert like Grand Strand Heating And Cooling to clean and maintain the system will allow for better system performance and keep it from breaking down.

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