air filtration Myrtle BeachAre you having problems with your air conditioning unit? Is the system not working properly? If you notice that your unit is not cooling correctly, you can save time and money and feel comfortable again through these professional DIY air conditioning repair methods. Various kinds of issues can happen with a central air conditioning system. The most common ones are listed below.

  • AC not functioning at all
  • AC runs but not cooling properly
  • Room temperature too cold or too hot
  • Water leaks from AC unit
  • AC makes weird noises
  • Can’t switch off AC unit

If your AC is not functioning at all:

  • You need to make sure that it is getting the power it needs at the electric panel.
  • You should reset the switches of the equipment or/and overloads.
  • You should check the settings of the thermostat.
  • You should check out the condesate overflow switch.
  • You should assess the capacitor as well as the contactor within the compressor.

If your AC is running but does not cool:

  • Switch off the power of your air conditioner.
  • Change or clean out the filter.
  • Check if ice has built up on the coils and if it has, it needs to be melted so be sure to switch on the power as well as the fan.
  • Clean up the condensate drain.
  • Assess and clean up the outdoor compressor.

If the AC unit makes weird noises:

  • Most of the time, noises in the AC unit take place in the outdoor compressor, indoor air handler, or the ductwork.
  • If there is a squealing or grinding noise in the AC air handler, then the belt that links the motor to the AC blower has slipped

If your AC unit won’t switch off:

  • In case your air conditioning unit does not turn off whenever the room temperature reaches whatever has been set on the thermostat, the problem lies perhaps at the thermostat itself or the electrical system that is running the external condensing unit.
  • In case the thermostat is not displaying any values or in case the unit shuts down whenever you turn the thermostat to heat, the thermostat is most likely broken and needs to be changed.
  • In case the thermostat is working properly with the furnace, the problem does not have anything to do with the thermostat unless a wire has been arced or disconnected.

Even though a qualified air conditioning professional must take care of specific types of central air conditioning repairs, you will find ways of handling basic maintenance and repairs on your own. Air conditioning problems commonly take place during a heat wave, whenever you need your unit the most and every time HVAC repair professionals are extremely busy. It will be very helpful if you know how to do your own HVAC repairs, in terms of cost savings as well as in getting your unit up and running as soon as possible.

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