Duct Cleaning

When Do You Need To Have Your Ducts Cleaned?

If the ductwork of HVAC system is filthy then your home won’t feel comfortable or cool. Below are five signs that you need to watch out for as they mean you need to have your ducts cleaned right away.

5 Signs Your HVAC Needs Cleaning

You have not changed the filter for several months.

As a Myrtle Beach homeowner, you must not allow the air filter of your HVAC system to go unchanged for over two months. During summer and other seasons that need regular air conditioner use, the air filter will be responsible for trapping pollen, pet dander, dust, debris and other airborne contaminants. When the air is full, these particles would accumulate in your ductwork and in the air conditioner as well.

Apart from having a regular duct cleaning session, you should also schedule a preventive HVAC maintenance. This may include changing the air filter and other crucial tasks like cleaning the air conditioner.

The vent covers and the registers have visible dust.

Even with a house cleaning service done weekly, dirty ducts will still show themselves through dust accumulation on the registers and vent covers. You may also see dust in your house, which will make you ask yourself if when was the last time you cleaned your house. If this sounds too familiar then you should call your HVAC contractor Myrtle Beach so he can check the ductwork in your home. To avoid dust build up in the future, you should take to an HVAC contractor about high quality air purifiers and air filters. These devices work well with your HVAC unit to filter different airborne contaminants like tobacco smoke, dust, as well as bacteria before they get into the ductwork.

Mold in and around your HVAC system

Dust could affect your health negatively, but mold is a different thing. This does not only worsen allergies as well as respiratory problems but also spread throughout your house immediately. If you spot mold in the vent covers, or if you see it growing around the indoor air conditioning system then it is crucial for you to take action right away to preserve the indoor air quality of your home.

Apart from a comprehensive duct cleaning, HVAC contractors will extra precautions against moisture in your house. Mold loves to grow in wet places, something that you could avoid if you have a whole home dehumidifier or if you optimize the setting of your programmable thermostat. In case your air conditioning system seems to attract bacteria and mold, a UV or ultraviolet germicidal light could provide a straightforward solution.

Airflow is not consistent from one room to another

You may have problems with a dirty duct if you are noticing that bedroom, bathroom, or the living room does not get the same level of air flow as other parts of your home do. Call your HVAC contractor right away.

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