heat pumpDuring this time when you need your heat pump the most, it is important that you maintain constant communication with your heating contractor Myrtle Beach service. This is because heat pump problems and issues are inevitable during this time of year when your heating system is running practically 24 hours a day. Should any problem arise, you need to be able to get in touch with your heat pump contractor easily and immediately.

On the other hand, lots of homeowners also need the services and assistance an HVAC contractor. Thus, your heating contractor will not be able to come to your aid as soon as possible. This would truly be a huge problem, most especially if you are dealing with a heat pump that is not starting. So, what would you do until the contractor arrives at your home? You should not just wait for help to arrive, that’s for sure.

Here are some things you can do while waiting for your heat pump service provider.

  1. Check to see if your thermostat is running. HVAC contractors Myrtle Beach agree that the most common reason why heating systems are not starting up is because the thermostat is not running. Either the batteries need to be replaced or it needs to be charged. Another reason could be that it was accidentally switched off while cleaning. So before calling in a professional, make sure you check your thermostat if it is starting and working efficiently. You might also want to check if the thermostat is on the right setting. Again, maybe it has been accidentally changed when you were cleaning.
  2. Check your heat pump’s power source. Go to the circuit breaker for your heating system and check if it has tripped. If so, you might want to switch it off and call your heating contractor. You can also check you’re the power cord of your heat pump for signs of damage and its control board for signs of burn marks. This could mean there have been an electrical short. Should this be the case, you will need to call in a professional at once. If possible, turn your main electrical switch off while waiting for the service provider to arrive to prevent any further damage to your heating system as well as to the rest of your furniture and appliances.
  3. Look at the blower compartment. While waiting for your heating contractor Myrtle Beach to arrive, you might want to check for signs of problems in the blower compartment. A blower that is not working efficiently may prevent your heating system from starting up.

The blower compartment has a green flashing light to indicate it is working. If the light is not flashing or if it is flashing in red color instead of green, it means problems with the blower motor or other parts of the blower compartment. What you should do in this situation is turn off your heating system and blower compartment. Make sure no one uses the heating system until your HVAC contractor arrives.

  1. Make sure your heat pump’s condensate pan is not full. If so, drain the reservoir. Your heating system will not start if the condensate pan is full. If you notice that your reservoir easily gets full, it might be because of clogging. Check your condensate pipes and make sure there is no clog preventing the flow of water.
  2. If your heating system is fueled by gas and it is not starting, you might want to check your gas supply. Either you no longer have sufficient gas supply for the system to operate or there might be interference in the gas supply that prevents your heating system from receiving the required amount of gas for starting up. If you no longer have enough gas for your heating system’s operation, simply refuel. If this is not the case, call your service provider at once. Make sure no one in the house will attempt to use your heat pump as this might lead to more severe problems.

It is extremely important that you properly take care of your heat pump system. Proper maintenance and regular upkeep are keys to extending the life span of your heating equipment and preventing further problems and issues. Here are some other tips from professional heat pump contractors that you can follow to properly take care of your heating system.

Refrain from constantly changing the temperature setting of your thermostat. Aside from resulting to higher energy bills, this can also easily damage your thermostat. And without a efficiently working thermostat, you wouldn’t be able to properly use your heating equipment.

Do not set your thermostat to the maximum heating temperature. This will not warm your house faster. This will only result to prompting your heat pump to work faster and use up more electricity; thus, leading to high utility bills at the end of the month.

Install a programmable thermostat to help you easily adjust and maintain the right temperature inside the house. A programmable thermostat will also help you to generate savings in your utility bills.

Make sure your outdoor heat pump is placed away from your gutter and above the ground. Water from the gutter might leak on your heat pump and cause problems; thus, preventing efficient operations.

Your heat pump should be placed at least 4-8 inches off the ground to prevent debris and dirt from blocking the air flow. Plus, the allowance provides sufficient room for properly installing and setting up the drainage.

Clean your heat pump regularly to prevent dust and debris buildup, which causes clogging and, thus, prevents smooth air flow. You should also make sure your HVAC filters are clean and free from any debris and dust. Note that you might have to clean your heat pump and filters more frequently during this season as you are using your heating system longer than usual.

Do not use pointy or sharp objects to remove clogs or large debris stuck to your heat pump coils. These objects could easily damage your heat pump. If you cannot remove the debris, call in a professional at once.

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