Heating and Cooling Myrtle BeachAre you searching for a way to make sure that your home is energy efficient? If the answer is yes then you might want to consider the installation of a heat pump.

Are you living or working at a place that has separate heating and cooling units? Are you in the market for ways to cut costs by lowering your monthly energy bills? Are you finishing the development of a new building and are you in the process of installing an HVAC system? Whether or not you are updating a current system or setting up a new one, you should think about installing a heat pump for optimal energy efficiency.

So how does heat pumps work? They move warm air around instead of using energy to produce heat. During the winter, a heat pump can draw in warmth from the air or the ground outside the building. In the summer season, a heat pump Myrtle Beach can get rid of warm air from the building’s interior spaces. You should fit in a heat pump to work together with your furnace and air conditioning unit, or perhaps, when you reside in a relatively temperate climate, as your only heating and cooling system. Whatever it is, you will notice a decrease in your electricity bills.

You might be asking now how a heat pump installation could save you a lot of cash. Basically, heat pumps need lesser electricity compared to boilers, furnaces, and air conditioners and they work by redistributing warm air instead of creating it. In case you have got a heat pump apart from a regular HVAC system, those units do not have to work really hard to keep the interior space of your home comfortable all throughout the year. Apart from that, a heat pump on its own utilizes much less energy compared to a different heating and cooling unit. Because of this, using less energy means much lower electricity bills and huge savings for you.

If you think that heat pump installation is right for you, be sure to call a HVAC contractor. Provided below are some important things that you need to ask.

Important Heat Pump Questions

Type of heat pump – You should ask what type of heat pump should be installed. A few varieties on the market are air source pumps which moves heat in the air between the interior and exterior of your building, and ground source pumps, which is also referred to geothermal pumps. The former works well in moderate weather conditions while geothermal heat pumps are better in areas that have cold winters.

Size and model of a heat pump – Discuss the size and model of the heat pump that the HVAC contractor plans to install in your space. You need to make sure that the model and size can handle the job but it should not also be too powerful in a sense that it should not consume too much energy.

Proper Unit Placement – You also have to discuss where the unit will be placed. It should be installed in a spot where the heat pump can work effectively without driving your family or employees crazy with the noise that it might generate.

If you wish to know more about heat pumps, do not hesitate to call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling.

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