heat pumpsThere is no doubt that older houses have personality and appeal, however, they were created in a rather different method compared to houses built today. Sadly, historical houses were not developed with modern cooling and heating demands in mind, thus it is required to pay careful attention to some minor details in your home. It also pays to have a professional HVAC Contractor do an inspection every once in a while to keep heating and cooling in working order. Insulation devices, roof leaks, and ductwork all need extra attention. Here’s why.

Why Older Homes Need Extra HVAC Attention

Leaks in windows and doors

Older houses are more susceptible to leakages because of the fireplace without functioning dampers, and older doors and windows. Try checking for leaks on windows and doors by lighting a candle. Hold the lighted candle near the door or window, if the flame moves, there might be a small opening or leak. Generally, properly maintained home windows can last for about twenty years, which means that if your home is more than twenty years old, it might be time to replace them.

Roof Insulation

A well-insulated residence helps manage the temperature level and save money on energy costs. Sadly, residences developed before the 1940s were seldom insulated and if they ever were, it is not likely that the insulation is still working properly.

Warm air rises, so it is likely to get lost up in the roof. This is why you have to start checking the attic’s insulation to prevent the heat from escaping during the cold season. It also works during the summer season, by preventing warm air from getting inside the house through the roof.

HVAC Devices

If there is an existing HVAC device in your old home, it must undergo regular maintenance and inspection. HVAC equipment that has been around for more than a decade may have slowly accumulated dirt and dust. This may affect the performance of the residential heating and cooling unit and compromise the air quality inside your home. An overworked HVAC unit may break down unexpectedly leaving you cold and helpless.

If you plan to replace or add a central air conditioning or a brand-new heater, be sure to work with a reliable HVAC Contractor Myrtle Beach to help you pick the right device for you.


As mentioned earlier, older homes have a different building structure compared to modern homes. Thus, if you plan to add central air-conditioning to your home and there is no existing ductwork, you might be worried that installing one will destroy your home’s look. If you ask an HVAC professional, there is no need to worry because it only needs a little prep work. An experienced HVAC professional like Grand Strand Heating And Cooling will carefully install the ductwork without compromising your home’s visual appeal. Or you may opt to have a ductless system.

Learn more about HVAC considerations for older homes, call or visit Grand Strand Heating And Cooling. You may reach us at (843) 491-6400.

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