residential heating and coolingA lot of things could go wrong during the hurricane season. Your roof shingles could come off, your windows might encounter issues, and your home, in general, could sustain a lot of damage. With that said, your residential heating and cooling could also be affected. However, there are ways on how to prevent your system from being damaged or with limited damage. First off, you should hire an HVAC contractor to inspect your system. A heating and cooling expert can provide valuable information on how to properly execute safety precautions.

Here are ways on how you could protect your residential heating and cooling during the hurricane season:

Before the storm

The outdoor unit of your residential heating and cooling Myrtle Beach, SC must be prepared for the upcoming storms. Floodwater could be a problem. If your HVAC outdoor unit is placed on the ground, you need to make sure that it is raised enough that water cannot get to it. Bear in mind that there are a lot of electrical components housed in the outdoor unit. It is important that it is kept in a flood-free area. This will be important if you wish to keep warm during the entire hurricane season.

During the storm

While the storm is raging on, you need to keep an eye out for any possible issues. Flood water, fallen trees, and flying debris are the most common issues during the storm. This is why you should always be mindful of the status of your HVAC unit. When the water rises to a point that it reaches the outside unit, turn the system off. It is important that the electrical components inside the unit are not shorted out. If the water manages to enter the system, you have better chances of reviving the unit with minimal problems if it is not turned on while wet.

After the storm

There are precautions before and during the storms. After the hurricane season, you need to make sure that your HVAC system is fully functional. If your outside unit was submerged during the storm, don’t turn it on just yet. Call an HVAC contractor to check out the system and dry it out before it is used again. This is to make sure that no electrical component will be fried in the process.

Hiring a reliable expert like Grand Strand Heating And Cooling will be necessary. Other than that, you should hire an HVAC expert to keep your system maintained. Proper HVAC maintenance is the key to a long-lasting system. It is important that you pull out all the stops to make sure that your HVAC is protected against bad weather all year long. After all, maintenance is far cheaper than repairs or getting a new HVAC system.

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