Heating and coolingHave you been having a stuffy nose recently? How about any breathing problems? Some allergens in the air could actually cause an array of health issues. If they are not filtered out from the air, you could face serious health issues sooner or later. But can your heating and cooling system help prevent the spread of allergens? The short answer is, yes. However, your system needs to be maintained on a regular basis for it to be of any use against the spread of allergens.

Here’s how your heating and cooling system takes care of all the allergens in the air:

Vacuum and dust on a regular basis

Cleaning your home is a really effective means of getting rid of any allergens. Be sure that you regularly dust and vacuum your home. You should do so more frequently if you have kids or pets inside the house. Your pets could discharge dead skin or fur and leave them behind on surfaces where they often stay. The dirt they produce often causes allergies and lung irritations for some. That’s why regular cleaning is recommended for homes with pets.

Wash soft surfaces frequently

Be sure to properly clean blankets, beddings, and other items that often come into contact with your pets. Even if you don’t have pets at home, these areas could still hold a lot of contaminants that could fly off into the air and cause irritation.

Keep the windows closed

Keeping the windows closed is a must if you have allergies. Even if summer is already here, there could still be some pollen lingering around your house. Opening your windows might let this pollen in and trigger allergic reactions. Although the heating and cooling Myrtle Beach, SC system moves air through filters, it might not be effective at removing dirt from the air in certain instances like when the air filters haven’t been changed in a while.

Use an air purifier

Another option is to use an air purifier. You could call your HVAC contractor and have an air purifier installed and connected with your existing ductwork. Be sure that you contact your HVAC technician before buying an air purifier. They can give you advice on the best kind of purifier for your home.

Make sure that air filters are replaced regularly

Another thing that you should do is replace or clean the air filters on a regular basis. This must be done regularly to ensure that airflow is efficient throughout the home. Vents and registers must also be cleaned to ensure that the air flowing through the system is clean and free from contaminants. For any kind of HVAC repair or maintenance, you should contact Grand Strand Heating And Cooling. Professional HVAC services are important in keeping your heating and cooling in good shape.

Does your heating and cooling system need maintenance or repairs? Call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling today! You may reach us at (843) 491-6400.

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