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Heating Contractor Myrtle BeachThe temperatures usually drop in Myrtle Beach toward the end of the year and the heat pump switches from cooling to heating your home. The last thing you need is a call to a heating contractor during the holidays. Grand Strand Heating And Cooling, your local Myrtle Beach heating expert has a few tips to help you during the cooler winter months.  Did you know that a breakdown in your HVAC unit not only causes you and your family to be cold, it can also cause a lack of hot water for showers, laundry needs and other daily tasks?  Read on to learn what calls for a heating emergency and how you can prevent an unexpected service call.

An Ounce of Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent an emergency at an inconvenient time is to have a maintenance schedule.  This will help to prevent many of the common problems associated with your heating and air conditioning unit.  Regular maintenance includes changing your filter, cleaning coils and heat ducts. If you do not have the time or experience to do the maintenance yourself, you can setup a maintenance contract with a local HVAC contractor such as Grand Strand Heating And Cooling.  This contract will cover any emergency call-out fee helping you to save money when any repairs need to be done.

The Impact of Improper Service

emergency air service Myrtle BeachDo you own rental property?  Are you a property management company?  Having tenants call you complaining about the temperature of their rental unit can be time consuming and costly.  If you don’t have a maintenance program in place, you will get these calls at all hours of the day and night – even on a holiday. By contracting with a local cooling and heating contractor, you can save money and aggravation.  The company will get to know your systems and when they were serviced last.  This will help them pin-point problems quickly.  You can even set it up for the tenant to call the company directly.  Myrtle Beach Home Services has a wide variety of services where your tenants have one phone number to call for a wide variety of potential problems.  Service providers such as Grand Strand Heating And Cooling have been screened and are licensed in their field.

Using a Professional Heating Contractor is Important

Does your husband think he can fix anything?  HVAC servicing, especially in an emergency, should never been undertaken by a non-professional.  Handling a heat pump that has overheated can be dangerous.  Having a service done by a professional is cost effective in both time and money and prevents additional problems.  By choosing a company in advance, you are prepared for the emergency.  Look for a company that offers 24/7 emergency service and has several years of experience.  We recommend that you call the company before you need service and ask questions about what brands they service, what locations they serve, and their experience with your type of unit.  This will be time well spent when an emergency happens.

Grand Strand Heating And Cooling welcomes your questions.  They offer maintenance contracts that will save you time and money – and an unexpected HVAC problem during the holiday season.

Grand Strand Heating And Cooling
Myrtle Beach, SC

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