heat pumpsDuring times of extreme weather conditions, do you have any idea how to care for your heating and cooling system? Homeowners should understand that many factors can cause damage to your heating and cooling system (in general), especially if it is not effectively looked after.

Heating and cooling systems are manufactured to withstand strong winds, rain, cold, and heat. However, special preventive steps should be done to protect the durability of your outdoor systems. You should also contact an expert like Grand Strand Heating And Cooling for much-needed professional HVAC services.

Why heating and cooling maintenance is important?

Initially, there is no requirement to cover your air conditioner or heat pump when it is merely drizzling or snowing. Doing so can actually do more damage to your indoor system such as:

  • Rodents building nests inside your air conditioning unit or heat the cover offers a safe, dry, and warm area for them to gnaw their way into. Rodents might also chew through the wires of your outdoor system, causing short circuits which can be a fire hazard. Rodents can also damage your Freon during nest-building, causing uninsulated lines and susceptible to weather.
  • The absence of airflow promotes the development of mildew and molds. These can grow inside your heating and cooling Myrtle Beach will not adversely impact your health significantly, but it can reduce your system’s effectiveness by reducing airflow. In time, this might trigger damage to the system as it attempts to make up for the performance loss.
  • No matter how much you try to prevent moisture from getting into your heating and cooling system, moisture can still get in. Evaporation from the ground can bring water up into the cover, or melting snow or rain might pool around the base and splash up into it.
  • Heating and Cooling Preventative Maintenance Guide
  • In times of extreme weather conditions, appropriate care of your heating and cooling system is a must. Extreme weather condition occurs regularly in South Carolina, so knowing how to take care of your heating and cooling system will help keep it running longer.

During a blizzard or thunderstorm, a couple of preventive actions should be done to avoid or minimize damage to your air conditioning system.

  • According to any HVAC contractor you ask, you should shut off running air conditioner or heat pump systems to prevent any power surge that can trigger damage to your system. Unless you are in dire need of heat, shutting off your heating or cooling systems can help avoid great deals of home damage.
  • If strong winds occur, your outdoor heating and cooling systems must be covered. Powerful winds can blow dust into your system or cause heavy objects to fall onto it. Covering your air conditioning unit or heat pump can avoid or lower damage to the outside system. Make sure to eliminate the cover after the storm has actually cleared.
  • Get rid of that lost furniture such as those in your outdoor patio, toys, and tools that can damage your home, especially your heating and cooling systems.

If you see that your heating and cooling system is damaged, you can call Grand Strand Heating and Cooling to have it repaired. You may reach us at (843) 491-6400.

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