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Winter is upon us and it’s that time of year when we just want to cozy up and be comfortable at home. While your heating system is hard at work keeping you comfy, how’s your energy bill going? HVAC systems take up almost half of a household’s energy consumption. Can you say for certain that your home is free from issues that could cause your energy bill to skyrocket throughout winter? This article will tell you just how to keep your home as efficient as possible since heating can use up a lot of electricity.

Addressing heating issues that could potentially increase your energy bill

Drafts – the very first thing that could affect your energy bill are drafts. What are drafts exactly? Basically, drafts are air leaks that put a strain on your home’s heating. A draft can be anything from a small gap in between your wall outlet, badly caulked windows, or any holes that haven’t been patched up. Drafts are notorious for allowing heat to escape, making your heating system work harder and your energy bill is driven higher. It is important to have a Myrtle Beach HVAC contractor find and patch up these drafts.

Improper heating habits – if you are going away for a few days, don’t let your heating system run continuously. It will simply be a waste of money since nobody will be at home to make use of the heating. On the other hand, it is not advised to turn off your heating if you will only be away for a few hours. Heating and air conditioning work by lowering or increasing the temperature in a given location. It takes time for your HVAC to cool or heat a room. Turning it off when you will be away for just an hour or two will be wasteful since the system will need to start all over again.

Tips to keep your HVAC system happy

Maintain proper airflow – your HVAC system moves air around your house to provide cooling or heating. Do not close off doors or turn off air vents. Be sure that all air filters are clean and swapped out when necessary. Airflow must not be hindered in order to keep the system functioning efficiently.

Follow maintenance schedules – there are a lot of things to be done to keep the system functioning properly. You can do your own maintenance, however, it is advised to hire an expert like Grand Strand Heating And Cooling. Professional HVAC maintenance is needed to find areas that need repairs. It is difficult to assess the state of the system if you are unfamiliar with the processes involved. An HVAC technician, on the other hand, can provide a thorough inspection, perform necessary actions, and prevent problems from appearing in the future.

Make sure your heating and cooling system is in good condition. Hire only the best heating and cooling specialist in Myrtle Beach. Call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling today! You may reach us at (843) 491-6400.

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