air conditioningTo keep your cool all summer long, you should have already “tuned up” your entire heating and cooling system before the hot weather hits, but even if you didn’t do that, it’s not too late to call for a quick “once over.”  It may save you bunches of cash later on when the sweltering heat of July and August and even the Indian summer days of September and October take their toll. A few simple air conditioning repair tweaks here and there are all it will take to ensure that your air conditioning unit is operating at maximum efficiency and will keep you cool as long as the temperatures are rising outside.

Here are a few tips from Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning experts and from the United States Department of Energy

  • Weather stripping – It’s not enough to just keep the warm air outside your home; you have to keep the cool air inside as well.  Pay close attention to the weather stripping around your doors and windows, and the caulking, too.  It’s wise to have lots of insulation both in the attic as well as underneath a home that is not sitting on a slab.
  • Vents– How are your vents working?  Is the air flowing freely and properly?  Check out the ductwork for airflow leaks in the form of holes or even joints that are separated.  You could try to fix these things on your own, but the safest and wisest thing to do is call a air conditioning contractor.
  • Ducts – Sometimes your Myrtle Beach air conditioning system will require that ducts actually reside in spaces that are not air conditioned themselves, (garages, attics, crawl spaces, for example) and in these situations, the insulation of this conduits is critical.  Use lots of insulation material on your air conditioning ducts when they are found in spaces that are not cooled, such as in your garages, crawl spaces under your house, or in your attics.
  • SEER Rating – Do you know what your SEER rating is for your cooling system?  If you don’t, you should.  Those letters mean:  seasonal energy efficiency rating. With a higher SEER rating, your cooling system will be more efficient, and your power bills should be lower. You can upgrade to a unit with a higher SEER rating and save hundreds of dollars during the year on your electric bills. Should you need to replace your air conditioning unit or system, you should note that the United States Department of Energy passed a law that requires that all new cooling systems manufactured after January 23, 2006, must have a SEER rating of at least 13.

If you have any questions about air conditioning repair, please call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling.

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