HVAC contractorIn this article, a professional HVAC contractor in Myrtle Beach provides details and tips on heating system failures.

No matter how efficient and regular you maintain your heating system, it often experiences failures especially when you need it the most, particularly during the winter season. One of the primary reasons according to experts is the freezing of water pipes, which causes all sorts of problems to your heat pump. And in extreme freezing cases, pipes could, unfortunately, burst. That means you have bigger and more costly problems to face. But don’t worry because there are some things you can do to prevent this.

What can you do to prevent costly repairs and replacements to your heating system?

Professional heat pump contractors suggest learning how to identify potential problems and failures as soon as possible before they cause damage to other parts of your heating system. This is aside from doing regular and proper maintenance, of course.

You could also consider hiring a professional heating contractor to keep your heat pump in good working condition. A licensed and skilled professional would be able to identify and resolve your heating system’s issues and problems with speed and accuracy. However, a contractor may not always be able to heed your call and immediately go to your house to help you with your heating problems. During these situations, there are quick and easy fixes you can do until the contractor arrives. But keep in mind that these fixes are meant to resolve minor issues only. Major problems should always be left to the professionals.

Find out what caused the sudden failure of your heating system.

For this, you will need to conduct an overall observation of your heat pump. It is extremely important to identify whether you have partial loss of heat or total loss of heat. You should do this while waiting for your HVAC contractor Myrtle Beach so that when he arrives, you have information for him that will help him implement the necessary repairs much quicker.

• Partial loss of heat – You will know you have partial loss of heat if your heat pump is still running all throughout the day and night but is not giving out the same warm temperature of the air. According to experts, this problem is usually related to airflow problems.

For this, you or your contractor will have to look at your ductwork in the attic and in your crawl space as well as check your filters and fan motors. Look for anything that could obstruct smooth air flow such as accumulation of dust and debris in the air pipes or a very dirty filter. These obstructions not only prevent smooth air flow but they can also cause your heating system to eventually overheat, which is likely the reason you had partial loss of heat.

• Total loss of heat – To confirm if you have a total loss of heat, you will need to put your hand over your supply registers. If either cold air or no air comes out, you can be sure that you have a total loss of heat.

If this is the case, heat pump contractors will need to look at your main electrical panel and your HVAC’s supply power. This is to make sure a sufficient amount of electricity is being supplied to your HVAC so that it could monitor pressure and temperature. Keep in mind that your HVAC needs sufficient electricity to operate. Should the problem be caused by a lack of sufficient electrical supply, you may also have to call in your electrician.

Other things you may need to check

Aside from checking for total or partial heat loss, there are other things you may need to check to ensure proper and efficient operation of your heating system.

1. Thermostat Sometimes, homeowners tend to forget to switch on or change the batteries of their thermostat. If your heat pump has suddenly stopped operating or giving out the right temperature you have it originally set up, check your thermostat. It might have been accidentally switched off when you or a member of the household was cleaning or it might need a battery replacement.

Heating contractor Myrtle Beach professionals highly recommend switching off your heating system from your main electrical panel before changing the batteries of your thermostat. Sometimes, the sudden on and off of your heating system may result in short cycling, which may cause more severe damage to the entire system.

2. Rebooting your electrical system – There are cases when sometimes an electrical system reboot is required to restart your heating system. Sometimes, changing the air filters or cleaning the air ducts without rebooting messes up your heating system’s codes, causing errors. Rebooting your electrical system will remove the errors and allow your heating system to function normally. Make sure you wait for at least 15 seconds after switching your electrical system off before turning it back on again.

After switching your electrical system and heat pump back on, heating contractor Myrtle Beach professionals highly recommend waiting for your heating system to complete its power sequences before observing its operations. If it’s still not operating efficiently, report to your heating contractor at once.

3. Fuel ignition – You will need to check your heating system’s ignition if it is receiving a sufficient amount of gas and whether or not is igniting the fuel to produce heat. For this, you will need to switch off the thermostat and go to your heat pump. Have another member of the household switch the thermostat back on while you are still near your heat pump. While the thermostat is running check whether or not it is operating to ignite the fuel. Take note of your observations and report to your heating contractor.

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