save HVAC energyNow that everyone is feeling the holiday spirit, you might notice a little change in your household. Did your energy bill in the past few months look a little scarier than you anticipated?

With all the festivities and exceptional food to be discovered these holiday season, it can be simple to forget that we consume a great deal of energy this time of year. You may wonder where all these came from? Well, it came from your HVAC system

To be able to lower your energy costs this holiday season, Grand Strand Heating And Cooling have some practical tips for you.

Reputable Heating Tips for the Holidays

Are you worried that scheduling HVAC system maintenance will interfere with your holiday festivities? Here’s what you can do.

  1. To lower your energy use

Try to keep your energy use at 70 percent. We ensure all of the visitors and cooking will offset the heat loss, and you’ll be cutting a huge amount of energy your heating system or heat pump draws up.

  1. HVAC Filter Change

This part cannot be fully dictated by an HVAC expert since it depends on the homeowner’s frequency of use. To be on the safe side, change your filter once a month for the best results. You can also upgrade to polyester filters for a service that lasts a couple of months longer.

  1. Regular Cleaning

You’re most likely doing this at the moment, specifically if you’re hosting some holiday parties. While you’re at it, you can pay specific attention to vent grates and around your HVAC system. It will help you avoid fire hazard, you’ll enhance the air circulation of your heating system!

Never forget you Professional HVAC System Maintenance?

Following the tips above is a great way to keep your HVAC System running smoothly. However, if you wish to get the most performance and convenience out of your system this season, ensure you schedule HVAC system maintenance. It’s simply hands-down the most essential thing to stay up to date with, especially if you do not like breakdowns and substantial heating expenses. If you missed your fall maintenance schedule, Grand Strand Heating And Cooling can help you with this.

Energy Saving Tips

  • Disconnect devices when not in use. Yes, they still utilize power; even when turned off!
  • Convert to LED As much as 10 times more performance from your lights is a big offer.
  • Prepare effectively. Fit as much into your oven as you can at the same time. Those things use up lots of power to run.

To be able to enjoy your holidays and still save more on your energy bill, follow the practical tips above. For HVAC Maintenance, call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling.

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