Myrtle Beach HVACIt is always a good idea to hire an HVAC company to check and maintain your system on a regular basis. They will do a lot of things like inspecting and cleaning the wiring as well as mechanisms of the furnace and air conditioner, which is a bit more difficult for an average homeowner.

However, you could extend the life of the unit as well as increase its efficiency by following a basic HVAC maintenance plan.

HVAC Maintenance Plan

  1. Buy a much better filter in case you don’t have one. There are modern filters available in the market like the pleated filters. They have an electrostatic charge that functions like a magnet to get the tiniest particles including those that carry bacteria.
  2. Change the filter every three months. However, you also need to check it on a monthly basis. In case it looks clogged and dark, then change it right away. In case you have pets, you may have to change the filters on a monthly basis.
  3. Keep at least two feet clearance around the heat pumps and outdoor air conditioning units.
  4. Get rid of the debris like twigs, pollen, and leaves weekly during fall, spring, and summer. Remove everything from the top and the sides of the heat pumps and the outdoor air conditioning units. Do not let the lawn mower discharge grass clippings into the unit.
  5. Inspect the insulation on the refrigerant lines that lead into your home on a monthly basis. Change them if it is damaged or missing.
  6. Make sure that the unit is level. Be sure that the outdoor air conditioning units as well as the heat pumps are placed on level and firm pads and grounds. Check this regularly or at least once a year.
  7. Stave off the clogs. Mix bleach and water and pour a cup of the mixture down the condensate drain of the air conditioner to prevent the accumulation of algae and mold, which could lead to a clog.
  8. Turn off the water supply that leads to the furnace humidifier during the summer season. During fall, change the humidifier wick filter. You should set the humidistat to between 35% and 40%, and then switch on the water supply.
  9. Don’t close over 20% of the registers of a home to avoid putting unneeded strain on your Myrtle Beach HVAC
  10. Change the battery in the carbon monoxide detector of your home once a year.

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