Air conditioner Myrtle BeachIt is not unusual for South Carolina to experience thunderstorms in September even on hot and damp days. Often they can be serious, with strong winds that can severely damage power lines. When that occurs, you can unexpectedly discover yourself in the total darkness, even worse, with no air conditioner!

So when the power has been restored, you simply want to switch your air conditioner back on particularly on a hot summer day. But, you might be puzzled to discover that your air conditioning system is not working.

Can it be caused by an electrical damage? Perhaps not

Before you make any conclusions, HVAC Professionals advice on doing several ways to reboot your air conditioning systems after a power failure.

HVAC Professionals’ Guide on Air Conditioner Reboot

Even a simple thunderstorm can cause lighting to strike triggering a power surge that can trip the breaker. Although it was simply a random blackout not brought on by a storm, there can still be a surge when the power comes back. That’s simply the breaker doing its task of securing your devices. All you need to do is to understand the proper way to reset the breaker and turn the system back on.

  1. Switch OFF your air conditioner at the thermostat.
  2. Then proceed to your electrical panel and look the for air conditioner’s circuit breaker to switch it OFF. Wait about half an hour to turn it back ON to reset your air conditioning unit’s internal breaker
  3. When the time is up, turn the thermostat( s) back to COOL. At this point, your air conditioner will most probably turn back ON. If not, then there is probably electrical damage.

Signs of Electrical Damage

  • The breaker will not reset

 If you notice that most of your external circuits do not turn back on, then you most likely have electrical damage that exceeds your air conditioning system. It may be caused by a power surge brought about by lightning. When this happens, you need to call an electrical expert immediately.

  • Air conditioning breaker keeps tripping

 An important piece of advice: DO NOT turn your breaker back on if it keeps tripping since it might cause more damage not just to your air conditioning unit but to your whole electrical system.

The breaker’s task is to safeguard your structure, circuitry, and devices by turning off the circulation of electrical power when the present circulation is increased. If it keeps tripping, you might run the risk of a fire if you turn it back on.

Electrical Damage Due to Disregarding Maintenance

If you overlooked your air conditioning repair maintenance in the spring, then your system might have reduced air circulation due to impurities in your unit. When the air filter and the coils get blocked with dust, gunk, and particles, your ac system needs to work more difficult and run longer to cool your area. First, you might discover that the system appears to run continuously. Ultimately, the evaporator coil will freeze, which utilizes the excessive power and trigger the circuit to trip.

Electrical damage within the air conditioning system

When you’re experiencing signs of electrical damage, the issue might likewise be an easy electrical problem within the air conditioning system itself. It might be caused by:

  • Bad capacitor
  • Short in the unit’s wiring
  • Loose electrical connection

Note: Never try to do this on your own even if it seems too easy even for you. Call HVAC Professionals to do it.

Have your air conditioner maintained in the spring by HVAC professionals to avoid these type of situation. Call Grand Strand Heating and Cooling today!


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