HVAC Myrtle BeachDo you have any idea what HVAC refrigerant and freon means? How do you know if you have one or how to identify a leak?

An air conditioning or heat pump system is secured and you can detect a leak if it is low on refrigerant.

Identifying Refrigerant and Freon Leaks

Right here are some ways we can find leaks:

  • Visual evaluation for traces of oil leaking with the refrigerant.
  • Using a high viscosity bubble leak detector remedy on joint and link.
  • A halide leak discovery tool.
  • Electronic leak detector instruments.
  • A shot of fluorescent color and unique light detection method.
  • The best method is nitrogen, High Pressure.

What are the reasons for refrigerant or freon leaks?

A few of the possible reasons are:

  • System resonance over a time period.
  • Misuse or damage from outside sources.
  • Copper/aluminum stress fractures as a result of age and also/ or vibrations.
  • Service valves wear out overtime.

Why is it important to find the refrigerant leak immediately?

  • The HVAC system runs much less successfully with more power intake when only ounces low on refrigerant.
  • Compressor life is shortened. Motor gets less air conditioning when low on charge.
  • Refrigerant, as well as services, are expensive
  • Acid, as well as contamination, damages your compressor, creating premature unit failure.

What happens when you detect a leak?

  • Remove and also appropriately deal with (or recondition) infected refrigerant, if necessary.
  • Mechanically fix the leak with tools or lantern.
  • Install acid and/or moisture taking in filter drier( s).
  • Completely vacuum the system with a unique high air pump to get rid of all air and moisture.
  • Recharge the system with refrigerant and also test run.

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