A lot is happening in sHVAC Myrtle Beachpring. After a long, cold winter things are finally looking a lot livelier again. However, before the seasonal shift finally happens, you should take extra measures to ensure that your property and everything in it is in top working order. This includes your air conditioning, among other things. Your HVAC Myrtle Beach will need some maintenance and spring is the best time to have it scheduled. The cold of winter can have huge impacts, if not devastating effects on your AC. Proper maintenance done by a professional could take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

Why should I schedule AC maintenance in spring?

First of all, during winter, the extreme cold may have had some sort of damage to your AC. It’s best to have it checked out when temperatures normalize again. Also, late spring and summer will bring in warmer temperatures and it will be the time when the AC will be in full blast. It’s only fitting to get your AC prepped up before it goes under constant use again. Heating and cooling units have their own specific times where maintenance is best done. For air conditioners spring is the perfect time to do it. Don’t wait to schedule your AC maintenance during early summer. You might find yourself in a rather hot and uncomfortable situation if your AC unit breaks down on you.

What benefits will I gain with spring AC maintenance?

Lower electricity bills – if you’re looking to cut down on your electricity costs, you should look into having your AC maintained. A properly running machine will operate smoother and can cool down your house or room more efficiently without requiring more energy.

Keeps your AC away from repairs – although repairs can sometimes be inevitable, it can be prevented in the majority of times. Having your AC maintained by a well-trained professional can extend the longevity of the unit. Not only that, they would make sure that your unit is in top condition, eliminating the need for repairs any time soon.

Longer life and extended efficiency – with a properly maintained AC, it can last up to 30-50% longer. You could gain anywhere from 3-5 years just by properly maintaining your unit. However, not having it maintained would make your AC unit prone to problems, breakdowns, and reduced efficiency which could cost you more to operate.

Can I service my air conditioning unit myself?

Unless you are a skilled and trained professional, no. However, if you’re the average homeowner like most people, the only thing that you should handle is to check the air filters regularly. That’s the one thing that homeowners can do to make the system run as efficiently as it can. It is recommended to check the HVAC air filters at least once a month. If you couldn’t see any light passing through the air filters, it is a clear indicator that it is in need of a replacement. Typically, air filters need to be replaced once in three months. However, this may vary depending on your location which is the reason for the periodic checks.

Also, regularly check the outdoor heat pumps for damage or dirt. If you are located in a dusty area with heavy winds or storms regularly go past your area, it is a good thing to check the outer components of your HVAC system to prevent any issues.

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