HVACIn case you find yourself with a large heating and cooling bill compared to the previous months while still living in the same house, you must first find out if you are using a higher heating and cooling level than before. However, if your HVAC demands have not changed, your bigger energy bills may be due to faulty ductwork. After some time, the link between ductwork segments could lose their seal and lower the volume of forced air that’s spread to interior living spaces, which means that some of the cool and warm air could get lost in walls and ceilings.

In the majority of cases, variances in energy bills because of a hotter or cooler temperatures setting result are low. However, faulty ductwork could double or maybe even triple a typical energy bills because of the fact that boilers and furnaces as well as air handlers and chillers are regularly working overtime.

Improving HVAC Efficiency

In case your heating and cooling bills are too high and you need to set your thermostat at a very high level to get a noticeable heating or cooling effect, the very best option is to talk to an HVAC contractor to determine if your unit needs ductwork repair. However, even if ductwork repair is the answer, an HVAC repair specialist that remains updated of new HVAC technology could also give more recommendations for lowering your annual energy costs.

Apart from the sealing leaks in the ductwork, several homeowners could realize more reduced energy costs by setting in place energy efficient solutions to the fundamental parts of their HVAC unit like the chillers, boilers, as well as air distribution fans.

One of the biggest drawbacks to older boilers is their subpar electricity to heat conversion ratio, with a few boilers running at a shockingly low 40% conversion rate. If you retrofit your HVAC unit to cater an energy efficient boiler, the electricity to heat conversion ratio could increase by as much as 40%. Just like older boilers, outdated chillers could represent a huge tax on your energy requirements, which starts from the fact that a few chillers are too big if you compare it to the structure that it is cooling. In a similar note, air distribution fans could also become oversized, using far much more energy than needed to offer optimal climate control. As an example of how just decreasing the size of air distribution fans could lower your electric bill, remember that air distribution fans commonly account for 30% of the electric usage of the structure.

Whether you select to implement energy efficient HVAC components for the long-term cost savings, it is crucial to keep in mind that even simple measures like fixing a faulty ductwork could boost the quality of your indoor climate while lowering energy costs. As an additional benefit to having an HVAC contractor Myrtle Beach check your ductwork, the specialist could also find out if the ductwork must be cleaned to enhance the quality of your indoor air.

In case your energy bills are spiralling out of control and your heating and cooling unit is not operating just like it used to, your HVAC unit might need ductwork repair. Apart from ductwork repair, an HVAC repair contractor could also recommend energy efficient solutions for cutting back on your annual energy costs.

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