heat pumpsWinter has just ended and spring is upon us. Although it’s not yet that time of year to turn on the A/C, it’s the perfect season to prep your air conditioning unit. Bear in mind that months of stagnation may or may not do some damage to your unit. Of course, a frequently maintained system will likely be just fine after months of no operation. But then again, it is important to hire an air conditioning contractor to get your unit ready for summer. Professional A/C inspection and maintenance is the best way to make sure you stay cool in summer. Other than professional maintenance, there are things that you can do as well. Here’s what you can accomplish:

5 ways to make sure your air conditioner runs great in summer

Change the filter

If your HVAC system comes with a reusable air filter, go ahead and clean it. However, if your unit uses a replaceable air filter, you should change it immediately. Over time, particles in the air such as dust, pollen, and other debris will get caught in the air filter. During such time, the debris piles up to the point that the system can no longer circulate air efficiently due to the air filter being clogged. It then needs to be replaced or cleaned to restore the normal flow of air.

Keep the outside unit clean

The outside unit is where the magic of heat transfer happens. Your air conditioner basically sucks the heat out of the inside air and then transfers that heat outside through the process of evaporation and condensation. The outside unit is where the heat is dissipated. It must be cleaned at all times so that there will be no significant cooling decline.

Clean the condensate drain

The process of evaporating and condensation produces condensate on the coils. This then will drain away from the coils through the drain. Oftentimes, the drain will clog up due to the debris in the air that gets caught in the condensate. In certain instances, mold can grow inside the condensate drain since there will be a constant production of moisture whenever the unit is turned on. This is why the condensate drain must be cleaned at all times.

Check the refrigerant level

Even without proper tools, you can check whether the system has enough refrigerant in circulation. After the unit has been turned on for quite some time, check the condenser unit and touch the copper coils that run through it. If the coils feel cold to the touch and produce condensate, there’s enough refrigerant in the system. If it doesn’t feel cold even when the thermostat is set to cool, call your Myrtle Beach HVAC expert.

Make sure the condenser unit is leveled

Double-check and see if the condenser unit is leveled. Don’t eyeball it. Use a spirit level to get a precise reading. Add gravel or other materials to make sure it is leveled. For other issues, you may contact Grand Strand Heating And Cooling. Hire an air conditioning specialist to ensure you and your family stay cool this summer.

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