Radiant Heating Myrtle BeachTo optimize your radiant heat effectiveness, using the radiant barrier foil in your radiant heating system is the best way. This is because radiant heat is the heat transferred through space and the radiant barrier is developed to mirror that heat in your home.

These barriers are made from products that are bad at taking in heat yet exceptional at reflecting it. This radiant barrier is normally a thin sheet or coating of an extremely reflective product, mainly lightweight aluminum. An efficient barrier has to reflect 97% of the heat where its reflective side has to be in an open space to be effective.

Heating What Radiant Barriers Can Do

Using radiant barrier foils help in increasing your power cost savings because they typically reflect heat back to its source. By using these foils, you can surely keep your house warmer.

A couple of points are necessary to watch out for when purchasing a radiant barrier. If you plan on installing it on your own, you must choose a tear-free radiant barrier so your setup will be less complicated. The very best method to examine the toughness of the radiant barrier is to take a little piece and try to tear it. If it rips apart, then it has a high possibility of tearing up easily making your installation a little complicated.

The types of radiant barriers that do not tear quickly generally have a woven mesh that is laminated in between two sheets of foil. While some types use just what is called, a” bubble-wrap” in between the aluminum foil sheets, giving the barrier additional strength


An additional factor to examine would certainly be the flammability ranking. You need to pick a radiant barrier that has a Class I Uniform Building Code or Course A – National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) flammability score. Making sure, you could constantly ask your local fire division or building inspector to evaluate your option or heating and cooling experts to suggest a proper material.

You should also know those radiant barriers could also serve as vapor barriers to prevent moisture from going through them. In short, your choice of a radiant barrier will depend on what you need.

To set up the radiant barrier, put the foil-face up under a sub-floor about 1 to 2 inches below the radiant tubes.

To obtain the most effective performance as well as the convenience from your radiant heating system, some fundamental regulations should be complied with such as all your outside rim joists need to be shielded and the insulation should be stapled to the base of your joists under the radiant barrier.

You should also remember that radiant in-floor heat will not function appropriately up until the joist area is closed.

While these radiant barriers are absolutely not brand-new on the marketplace, they are an economical yet reliable method for property owners to conserve power and money on heating and cooling costs.

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