Air conditioning Myrtle BeachAccording to industry professionals, your air conditioning units use up the most energy than any other electrical appliance you have. In fact, almost 50% of what you pay for the utility cost is used up by your air conditioner.

If you want to cut your energy costs, you will have to do more than using less of your air conditioning unit or replacing it with a more cost-efficient one. You will also have to observe proper maintenance on your cooling system as well as consider adjusting insulation and thermostat settings in your house.

To help you save energy costs from your air conditioning unit, here are some tips.

  • Keep lamps and TV’s away from air conditioning units

The air conditioner could feed on the hot air coming from lamps and the TV and pressure it works more and eats up more of your utility.

  • Start at a higher thermostat temperature

When opening and starting up your air conditioning unit, start the thermostat at a high temperature and gradually work your way to the temperature you’ll be comfortable with.

Starting up in a low temperature would not cool your house faster. It would only cause your cooling unit to work double time and use up more energy.

  • Bring out your house fans

If it is a typically colder dray, bring out your house fans and use them instead of your a/c. They use up less energy as compared to air conditioners, but could still keep you comfortable on a colder day.

You can also consider using an attic fan to blow away hot air in the attic. This would consequently reduce hot air inside the house; thereby, preventing the rise of temperature inside the house.

  • Use window blinds, shades, and other types of coverings

Consider using any type of window covering for your windows that are facing the east, south, and west. In covering these windows you are helping to reduce the heat coming inside your house and prolonging the low temperature inside a room. Plus, it actually helps your air conditioning unit not to work too much.

Having an air conditioning unit doesn’t mean you’ll leave all the cooling responsibilities to it. You have to play your part – not only in cleaning and the proper maintenance of the unit but also in ensuring your air conditioner doesn’t work too much and use up more energy than necessary.

If you have more questions about saving energy from your air conditioning units, call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling in Myrtle Beach.


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