air conditioner repairAccording to Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals, convenience should be your main guide in identifying if you need Air conditioner repair.

HVAC systems do not last permanently– 12 years is a typical lifespan– and incidentally, the minute they stop working is the time when you need it most. The bright side is that not every system breakdown is the end of it. There are many issues that can be solved with a simple repair, which you would regret you would have done immediately.

Air Conditioner Repair You Can Do

Air Conditioner does not switch on

The most probable perpetrator, which is the thermostat, is the most convenient to fix: The thermostat may not be really set properly, or power is not really reaching the air conditioning system.

To fix this issue, ensure that your thermostat’s temperature level setting is right, and examine the breaker; it might just be a blown fuse.

Air conditioner shuts down before or long after I am comfortable

This air conditioning repair Myrtle Beach issues may be caused by Incorrect positioning of the thermostat. The system may be in direct sunlight, too near a register, or near a hot oven. Likewise, a remodel may have you investing more time where the thermostat is not. To fix this problem, all you need is to transfer the thermostat. The cost is free if you are a handyman, but approximately $250 for a brand-new programmable system, plus another $90 for an electrical expert to install it.

Energy expenses are unusually high

A sudden increase in energy expenses generally signals ineffective operation. Another most likely perpetrator is a clogged condensing coil. This component is found within the outside system, the coil has many cooling fins– similar to an automobile radiator– that can build up dust and particles. To repair this issue, all you need is a spring tune-up service by an HVAC contractor.

Odd sounds throughout start-up and operation.

Do you hear rattling, ringing, or ticking in your air conditioner? The bright side is that the cause may be a little bit more than a loose screw. The problem is that it might be brought on by a bottom blower motor or bent fan blade.

If you’re fortunate, a basic tightening up here and oiling there will repair the issue. If not, you may need a brand-new fan motor or fan blade.

There’s a puddle of water beside my heating system.

This may be caused by the system which creates moisture during regular operation. That water gathers in a pan and drains a line either into a flooring drain or condensate sump basin. A build-up of water signals an obstruction or disconnection of television.

This can be fixed by examining the tube for obstructions, crimps, and disconnections. But you get to spend $20 to change the tube or more or less a few hundred dollars for a brand-new condensate sump pump.

The Air Coming Out Does Not Feel as Cold as it.

HVAC contractors suggest that when this happens, it might be that the refrigerant lines are not insulated. To repair this problem, make sure that the outside system which is linked to the indoor system by 2 copper refrigerant lines, must be covered with insulating sleeves.

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