hvacIn an average home or building, there are ways to improve the many different areas that are energy inefficient. However, most people overlook these places because they are more focused on feeling too hot or too cold. Fortunately, there are ways for you to optimize your HVAC unit.

Common HVAC Areas That Can Easily Be Addressed

Thermostat – if the thermostat has been calibrated incorrectly, it will read the wrong temperature and it will also adjust to the incorrect temperature. Be sure to calibrate all of the thermostat so that your HVAC unit functions as you expect it to be.

Economizers – this occurs way too often. The economizers on the air handling unit works incorrectly or perhaps not working at all. Malfunctioning controls or maybe slipped linkages will cause the dampers to become stuck in a single position. Somebody makes a short term fix by sticking a 2×4 into the outdoor air damper to make sure it remains open, until the HVAC repair by a professional can be made. However, they tend to forget all about it and it remains open when it should be always close. Be sure to check the economizers and fix the ones that are not working.

Variable Frequency Drives – They could be great energy savers since they differ in the motor speed that they are serving based on the system’s requirements.

Coils – the HVAC coils get filthy and the accumulation of the dirty and dangerous biofilm, which makes the unit work harder than usual, lowering its efficiency. Filthy coils could also be lower the indoor air quality and make the people inside feel sick. You need to hire a well trained HVAC contractor to clean the coils using the right equipment and a specialized steam method that gest deep into the hvac coils. This method gets rid of not only particulate matter but as well as the biofilm.

Equipment – the equipment that must operate only during normal operating hours, but instead operates always, will waste a lot of energy. Air handling systems, lights, and pumps, as well as personal use devices like chargers, heaters, computers, or small fans on top or under the desks, can be left turned on for 24/7. The best way to fix it is to install motion sensors or timers. You can also use programmable thermostats everywhere you can. Just be sure to program them correctly. Post reminders in places where you can easily see them to turn off the equipment before you leave. It is also a good idea to use a power strip so that you can just turn it all off using a single switch.

Submetering – most commercial buildings or homes just have one electric meter. Sub metering the Myrtle Beach HVAC system, lighting, and plug loads would show which areas are using more energy. Then you will have the chance to address certain problem areas. You also know when there is an unexpected surge in energy use so you could fix small problems before they become major ones.

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