HVACWinter may seem a bit far off but once that first snowstorm comes, the last thing you would like to discover is that your heating system has a problem, which you could have fixed sooner if you just paid attention. Everybody knows correct maintenance is important in prolonging the life of your home appliances and that includes your HVAC system.

In case you are not sure how to prepare your unit for winter, don’t worry. Here is a list of key tips from the experts of Grand Strand Heating And Cooling.

Have Your HVAC Checked Every Fall and Spring

Spring and fall are the best times to have your HVAC inspected and maintained. Have your unit checked out twice a year by your HVAC contractor so that you can make sure that your unit is running it perfect condition at all times. Before the contractor arrives, be sure to look for abnormal noises, unusual odors, or leaks in its ductwork because these are telltale signs of probable issues so be sure that you make the most of the time of your technician.

Turn Down Heat If You Don’t Need It

An important key to cutting back on your energy is having a smart thermostat especially during winter. It is also ideal to have your thermostat set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit if you are in your house, and then lower it down to 10-12 degrees at night or when you are away.

Come Up With Climate Zones

As you know very well, heat rises and then cold air collects on the ground level, therefore, if you live in house with multiple levels, you might notice that the upstairs feel much warmer during winter. One good way to avoid this is to develop climate zones. You can simply close a few vents on the second floor so that the heating system is forced to channel more air downstairs.

You can also ask your HVAC Myrtle Beach to install a climate zone system as well as wireless sensors that could direct cooled or heated air where it is required the most.

Turn The Furnace On Three Times Before Winter Comes

The best offense is always having a good defence. Given that, you need to fire up your furnace at least thrice in early fall before the polar vortex will once again enter your mind to make sure all things are operating properly. You have to set your thermostat to your preferred weather climate and allow your home to reach that temperature before you switch it off.

Clean Air Vents and Change Air Filter

Among the most common causes of a malfunctioning HVAC system is dirt and dust that have accumulated in the filtering system. Inspect your HVAC air filter each month. Be sure to refer to the manual to find out where the filters are located. Don’t wait more than 90 days to change if you see a problem. Always have back up air filters on hand. Don’t forget to inspect and clean the air vents throughout your house. The accumulation of dirt and dust inside your house could also lead to ventilation blockages as well as inefficient airflow.

Call Grand Strand Heating and Cooling if you need help with your HVAC system. Call us now. Our team is ready to help make sure that your HVAC unit is ready for fall and winter.

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