heating and coolingIf the weather outside is extreme, we remain inside our house because it feels more comfortable. During winter, we blast the heater while in the summer, we turn up the air conditioner. We enjoy the comfort that these equipment bring but of course, we have to pay the price, which in most cases is extremely high. Fortunately, there are things you can do to lower your heating and cooling bills without having to sacrifice your comfort and that of your family.

Close Up Your Chimney

Fireplaces are usually inefficient because they tend to take up the heated air in your house and discharge it outside. This means you are wasting cash by heating air that won’t remain inside the house. Apart from that, the warm air is swapped with cool air that goes through the other direction on the same tunnel. Because of this, your furnace must work double time so it could maintain the warmth inside your house. What you can do is to seal your chimney tightly and begin saving.

Attic Insulation

You will need to spend some cash upfront for this but according to the US Department of Energy can help you save us much as 30% on your Myrtle Beach heating and cooling bills. In case your home is more than decades old, chances are you need to update your attic. Spending $300 on the upgrade will be worth the savings you’ll get in the long term. You should also check out how much insulation you’ve got in other locations in your place where warm or cold air may easily slip out.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing fans can make any spot in your home feel 8 degrees cooler. This can help you cut back on your air conditioning usage without compromising your comfort. Ceiling fans are inexpensive too. You can find models that cost only $40, which you might even be able to install on your own. Even if you have to spend more than that amount, it will still be worth the cost savings down the road. Always remember that central air conditioning will cost you 70 times much more compared to running ceiling fans.

Use Blinds and Drapes

If you are feeling really hot during the summer season, spend time to see if your drapes and blinds are of benefit to you. They should be able to block direct sunlight, which can boost the temperature inside a room by us much as 20 degrees. By letting less heat enter your house, you will spend less in trying to remove it. Meanwhile, you might want to choose drapes over blinds, since it is a much more efficient option.

Lower Heat From Lights

Lights could make a lot of heat and that can result in the inflation of heating and cooling costs. You might want to consider replacing your lights  and use compact fluorescent bulbs so you can reduce heat while saving energy.

If you have problems with your heating and cooling unit, do not hesitate to contact an expert HVAC contractor. Call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling now.

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