Myrtle Beach Air ConditioningWinter is just around the corner and now is the time to have your heating and air conditioning  system undergo a tune-up. If you have not done so already, make sure you call your local  HVAC contractor, Grand Strand Heating and Air and schedule your system for a tune-up.

It is important to keep your heat pimp in tip top shape all throughout the year. But to ensure that there will not be any danger or emergency situations – especially when the weather has become cold – you may want to have your HVAC system undergo a maintenance check  before the winter season.

Here are the important and major components of your air conditioning and heating system in Myrtle Beach that needs to be checked  in preparation for the cold months.

1. HVAC Filters
Even if you regularly change or clean your filters, it helps if you include them in your tune-up checklist. Aside from checking whether or not they are clean and free from any trapped debris, dirt or dust, also check their overall condition. Find out whether or not they are still in good condition to efficiently function. If they aren’t, replace them immediately.

This is also a good time to consider investing in a higher quality air filter. Because your Myrtle Beach air conditioning and heating system will be working harder this season, you might want to equip it with high quality parts and components to ensure it will work as efficiently as possible. Plus, keep in mind that a furnace that has difficulties heating or cooling your indoor air, works harder and uses more energy.

2. Clean the heat pump
To clean your heat pump, all you have to do is vacuum the interior. Make sure there is no dirt and dust left inside, as well as inspect for any holes or gaps. If you notice any, use foil tape to cover and secure them (or better yet – give Grand Strand Heating and Cooling a call and we will do the repairs right!). Don’t forget to switch the unit off and cut the fuel supply before you vacuum the heat pump.

3. Clean the ductwork
You need to vacuum the ductwork before turning on the heat to avoid that musty smell.  We provide ductwork cleaning and maintenance with our fall service.

Need an expert to help you in tuning up your heating and air conditioning system in time for the winter season? Call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling now.

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