HVAC Myrtle BeachJust like any device at home, keeping it properly functioning through regular maintenance is important. This is also the same with your air conditioning system which needs regular maintenance and repair to keep it running efficiently.

There is a number of repair and maintenance work that could do on your own with the assistance of complete guidelines as well as a couple of devices. However, other tasks should be entrusted to an HVAC expert. So how do you know when to call a person when to do it on your own?

Regular as well as extensive inspections are just some of the most integral parts of keeping your air conditioning system. Inspections must be done two times a year, particularly at the start of summer and before winter.

When do you need the services of an air conditioning professional?

Changing filters and vents

Every homeowner understands that you need to change your filters each month or two, based on the kind of filters you utilize and your choices. You could change your filter twice a year if they end up being noticeably unclean and if air ducts need to be vacuumed. At times like this, you could use house cleaning products, or a mix of vinegar and water works completely. Make sure that parts are completely dried out prior to changing the filters. Inspect all air vents around your home for indications of damages.

Air ducts

Your air conditioning system has a great deal of exposed duct. Each of these should be examined for signs of deterioration, damages, as well as loosened installations. Also keep an eye out for signs that air is escaping the air ducts, such as streaks of dust. If you find that there are more problems in the duct than what you expect, it is time to call in the professionals.

Heat pump

A properly maintained condensing system coil is crucial to correct heat pump procedure. Other exterior system upkeep consists of: Examine the condensing system’s base-pan drainpipe holes and also eliminate any type of particles. It is also important to inspect the device’s the electrical wiring insulation.


You must also constantly watch on your exterior air compressor to prevent dried leaves from entering it. You can do this at least twice a year, at the start of every season. Look for damages and take the cover off to examine the blades for damages. If the blades are broken, it is time to call in the air conditioning Myrtle Beach expert. It is not safe to change the blades on your own.

Usually, these inspections should be done by an expert because they have the necessary tools and skills to evaluate if your air conditioner is still in good running condition or needs repair.

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